Is Live Chat Actually Improve Conversion?

Is Live Chat Actually Improve Conversion?

Last year, all we seem to hear about is a chatbot messages takeover but the technology has not lived up Digital Marketing Company in Bath to the hype so far. I have said before that chatbots has all the potential to change how brands and consumers interact, but this will not happen until the developer to stop worrying about the latest marketing gimmick and back to solve the user’s problem.

With the revolution chatbot messages on pause – at least for now – the brand get their fix of one of his closest relatives: live chat. This usually involves adding widgets to your pages, encouraging users to engage in conversation. The goal is to generate leads, of course, and these things are cropping up all over the web – but they actually increase conversion?

When is the live chat become a lead generation strategy?

Chat has been around for many years but now it came back with a facelift and a new excitement, thanks to the hype chatbot messages. the way you will see something like this in a lot of sites out there:

Source: Elegant Themes

In this case, Elegant Themes live chat widget appears, asking users if you have questions about the popular Divi theme. popup widget-style has become popular over the last year or so and you’ll often find them on the homepage and landing pages.

This implementation is designed to generate leads – nothing like the kind of live chat that you get in contact or support pages, where the goal is customer service. The question is: does it really improve conversions?

You will find many articles to answer this question with a resounding yes. Live chat is a big trend now and many people are keen to hype it. Before we answer this question for ourselves, though, let’s see what live chat is brought to the table.

Why live chat is so popular today?

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There are several key points UX with live chat which makes an interesting conversion tool:

Chat to reach people: It actually asks the user to get involved by starting a conversation.

It provides instant response: Users do not (always) have to wait for the brand to connect.

They can make it easier to find information: If users can not find the information they need, many live chat widget can help them out.

They offer an interesting alternative to web form: We know that users do not like filling out a form and live chat in alternatives.

And, of course, you have to credit some of the live chat chatbot messages popularity with a tendency to stutter. Last year, everyone is crazy about the boots and then live chat – which has been around for years – suddenly began to trend.

Source: BI Intelligence

Years ago, it was publicized that people are now using the application messages over social media – a great argument for revolution chatbot messages. It seems that marketers are determined to change the appearance of the application message to a conversion, whether it be through chatbots or not.

Is chat live up to the hype?

In some cases, I think the live chat can have a place in lead generation for specific brands. However, like most new trends in marketing, it is being overhyped and overused in most situations I encountered. Here are some common problems I continue to see the live chat on the website.

Live chat interrupt user experience

The use of live chat widget on the homepage and landing pages interrupt the user experience, much the same way popups do. It certainly did not bother as full-screen popup, but they block the Digital Marketing Agencies in Bath view of the content and they can take up large amounts of space on your phone screen.

Distract attention from the page content

Your pages have content for a reason: because you have a message to get across and you have invested both time and money into designing each page.