How Much Traffic Web Hosting Costing You?

When I started building this website is my perspective on free web hosting. Since then, I have learned that Digital Marketing Company Nottingham free web hosting is never free. Although you will not receive a monthly invoice, you will pay the price in other ways.

If you do not buy, look at traffic for a website that I recently migrated from a free hosting company Bluehost. We migrate website on June 1, and 3 weeks later we pageviews have increased by 1,100%.

The increase in pageviews

We know we lost all this traffic because of our free hosting? Of course not. Also, additional advertising revenue from the increase in traffic has to cover the cost of hosting us, so ironically our hosting is basically still ‘free’.

So why should free web hosting should be avoided like the plague? I’ve boiled down to four reasons.

# 1 Free web hosting is bad for user experience

When you visit the website and the first thing you see is this, what impression do you get?


Quite unprofessional. Over the years, I am very reluctant to promote this website too much because I know very bad user experience for hosting us.

Most of the free web hosting company will slap ads on your website. Whether it’s an ad banner at the top or popup, you tend to have something. Even web companies claiming not display any ads often do hosting. They get away with this by putting a clause in their T and C along the lines of ‘we will not place ads until you exceed the number of X bandwidth’.

But it’s not just advertising that gives a bad experience.

It’s also a slow server speed. With web hosting, you get what you pay for. If you pay nothing, your website will be placed on a slow server was probably a hand-me-down from a free web host is the company you (almost always paid host).

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This is what happened in the bounce rate us when we move to Bluehost. Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors that leave your website after viewing just one page.

Decrease in bounce rate

The combination of slow loading times and ads that cause 94% of our visitors leave our site without visiting any other pages! This fell to 53% the day we moved to a paid hosting.

We see the same trend with the average number of pages viewed per user. We increased the average number of pages viewed per visitor 1.3 to 4.5, more tripled our page views.

increased page session

# 2 Free web hosting is bad for SEO

web hosting you have the indirect impact on the many factors that Google takes into account when ranking search results.

In 2010, Google announced that the page loading speed is a ranking factor. Free hosting is, not surprisingly, one of the latest varieties of web hosting.

Since Google introduced their Panda Update, the user experience has also played a greater role in how Google ranks pages. As we saw above, the free hosting gives users a pretty horrible experience.

On top of this, free web hosting is often less secure, which means you are more likely to have vulnerabilities in your site. Hacked and after malware injected into your site is a sure way to lose your ranking.

Finally, Google looks at the environment of the site that your site is hosted with. As spammers tend to use free web hosting, you are also more likely to have your website associated with a poor environment.

Google has hundreds of individual Digital Marketing Companies Nottingham ranking factors. This list could go on and on, but suffice to say, free web hosting will cost you traffic.

# 3 Free web hosting is unreliable

If you use free web hosting, you will soon be well acquainted with this page!