Build a content marketing editorial meeting

Build a content marketing editorial meeting

Five steps to creating an effective process that produces results
It’s hard to argue with the benefits of a good content marketing can deliver to the business. We have been talking Digital Marketing Agencies in Bath regularly here on Smart Insights on opportunities provided by the great content and how much fuel entered marketing techniques, including:

paid search marketing
Social media marketing
email Marketing
conversion rate optimization
However, after the overall strategy and approach have been agreed, the next step is execution. Unfortunately, create and maintain good quality content is not easy. Often there are many stakeholders and dependencies in the business, including marketing, PR, creative and legal / compliance. If you work for an agency, you will need to consider the client’s point of view, too.

Editorial calendar spreadsheet
Resources Take our Individual Member – Editorial calendar spreadsheet

Use Excel our editorial calendar to effectively plan campaigns and schedule content for the entire brand.

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One of the most difficult elements of the content creation process is ideation. Having a high-level view of what content can be produced during the year were all very good, but really get up to much more elaborate detail.

With various stakeholders and competing agendas, editorial meeting is the best way to bring everyone together and work as a team to approve your content will generate. However, while the idea of ​​a good editorial meetings, putting things into practice that will work requires organization and structure.

What editorial meeting?
Editorial meeting is something that all companies publishing run monthly, weekly and even daily. They bring together key content creators together to discuss and agree on the output for the current edition and the future.

However, while the editorial meetings is second nature for a publishing company, it is still a relatively new concept for many businesses start marketing content for the first time.

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The main purpose of the editorial meeting is to:

Raise the profile of marketing content across the entire organization.
Generate content ideas.
Make sure that the right content is being created, in line with the overarching strategy and target audience.
Approve content quickly and efficiently.
Evaluating the content and highlight what (continue) and not (re-consideration / stop) work.
Here are five elements to consider when developing the editorial process:

Build a content marketing editorial meeting

  1. Appoint a leader
    Editorial meeting involves the coordination of multiple points of view, opinions and agendas. It is therefore important to have someone in charge who can lead and take ownership of the process.

Leaders do not need the most senior people involved. However, they must have the credibility and the desire to bring people together and keep the team focused on key content business objectives.

They also should be passionate advocate for marketing content and fully invested in the overall content strategy. Leaders will eventually become waiters brand content marketing efforts and guide everyone involved in the process.

You may also have “executive sponsor”, a person in a senior leadership position within the organization who have bought into the strategy of the content. Executive sponsors will attend a meeting every so often and provide guidance and support on behalf of the group.

  1. Create a team
    The team you put together will form the theme, topic and type of content you produce. It is important to Digital Marketing Companies Bath create a diverse team with a mix of skills and experience. It is also important to ensure that the team is not too big or too small; the former can make the whole process is too complicated, while the latter can lead to a narrow view.